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BinLurent Leasing Co., Ltd. originated in BinLu , BinLu  Rental, BinLurent, open the door 
and rent a good car. Kaiping Leasing Co., Ltd. to provide Taiwan chartered sightseeing tours, airport transfers and
customized itinerary services, the establishment of the purpose is to serve our customers' needs,
especially in the vehicle and the driver is even based on customer demand-oriented and professional
assembly area of ​​outstanding management team with decades of cumulative service reputation aggregate
operating experience from the corporate culture, completely dismiss bad habits and modern philosophy
reassembled optimized transfer service team, and unlimited hot pillow based on the concept of security
only intentions to take care of each and every member, in a pragmatic spirit, rigorous attitude, safe
and friendly service rules, provide comfortable cars and the most affordable prices and service to meet
the market demand for the product standard.

Rental car, wedding car rental, tourism charter, business charter executed, or around the airport shuttle

Quality of Service:High-grade imported cars to be car rental and other services, and provide many disadvantaged groups access to employment discipline.

All prices are not tax price of the Company contain oil resources tolls passenger insurance and meals but does not include drivers parking fees and tickets, such as unified invoice shall open please inform and explain the contents of the invoice and will be subject to additional 5% sales tax.
To take into account the safety of passengers before the trip in case of heavy rain Factors that typhoons earthquakes and other natural irresistible extension of the Company to maintain or refund or to change depending on the actual situation of the rights of the trip itinerary changes such as the case of force majeure can not continue to be harmonized by both timely adjustment travel site.
Arrange travel routes shall be given a reasonable driver full of rest if special needs should be fully communicate with the driver and then return the company to understand and complete record of the trip.
Driving services on behalf of the service does not include drivers such as Western Western chauffeur service required advance scheduling instructions and will charge a service fee extra special trip, please call us.
After payment of the deposit as a cancellation due to personal factors drive the Company will not refund separately but can be changed in order to depart within 45 days only once.