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Taichung Metropolitan Opera House is located 23 November 2014 inaugurated, is located in Taichung Situn District, seven district redistricting large public exhibitions space, an area of ​​57,685 square meters; the whole building by Japanese architect Toyo Ito designed to 2005 international competition to get the first prize, the original building construction method ─ "song wall building construction method and design of fire water curtain" also received the world patent. Opera on the first floor high-ceilinged space nearly six, seven, went in feeling people become small, are like Ito said, "Back to the cave." Theater acoustic design stress, culverts space design, ear surround sound, see no perspective. 2014 seats in the opera house has a large theater, 800-seat theater and a small experimental theater medium 200 seats each one, and another dining space with hanging gardens and arts workshops and art shopping malls. Taichung Metropolitan Opera House position by the international media Reuters column name "nine world landmark building," seems to have become a new landmark in Taichung.